The beaches of Wellfleet are so breathtaking that when you come to visit, you just do not want to leave.  Although the beaches are packed with families in the summer, you can still get a chance to walk along the beaches in peace if you get your timing just right (ask a local!).  Wellfleet beaches can be fun and playful as well as romantic and peaceful.  Depending on the time of day, the beaches look different.  At low tide you see more beach, sandbars and surfable waves.  At high tide the beach is smaller, the water deeper and the waves more dramatic.  When you decide among the many Wellfleet places to say, consider that the Southfleet is directly across the street from world-renowned Marconi beach.  You can walk, drive or bike to it right from your motel room front door.  It is only 1 mile from our motel and it is located directly across the street with a safe crosswalk and signal.