Uncle Tim’s Bridge


Uncle Tim’s Bridge is located only 4.3 miles from the Southfleet Motor Inn.  Established in 1783, when it was fist named ” The New Bridge”.  Uncle Tim’s Bridge crosses Duck Creek, and connects Hamblen Island to the central village of Wellfleet.  In the 1800s Timothy E. Daniels, known as Uncle Tim, had a retail shop located right across from the bridge which bears his name to this day.

uncle-tims-bridge-2Uncle Tim’s Bridge is listed on the State Historic Register.  Becuase the bridge is soo old, it was in need of major repairs, and in 2006 the Wellfleet Historical Commission and the Community Preservation Committee asked the town for a grant of $107,000 to repair and restore the bridge and it was approved at the November town meeting.  Wellfleet celebrated the re-opening of Uncle Tim’s Bridge in November of 2008.

There is a small public parking area located just up the street from Uncle Tim’s Bridge.  Once you walk across the bridge, you will be on Hamblen Island, which is full of beautiful meandering walking trails that lead you out to the beaches along the Wellfleet harbor.  The views are spectacular and the serene location make this a perfect spot for a picnic with friends and family.

There are lots of little wildlife creatures scampering around along the outer trails of the island that are really fun for mischievous kids.

Uncle Tim’s Bridge is open to the public, year round and does not require a beach sticker, there is no fee to enjoy this great historic feature of Wellfleet.