Things to Do in Wellfleet

Visitors to the Southfleet will find there are bountiful things to do in Wellfleet.  Below is an interactive map of Wellfleet. Each point on the map is something to do in Wellfleet. Just click on the pointers to read more about each activity/entertainment.

Most activities and notable interest points are located within a short bike ride, walk or car ride from the Southfleet.  The Cape Cod Rail trail is directly across from the Southfleet, making beaches, stores, restaurants and more accessible via bike or on foot.  Downtown Wellfleet and the Wellfleet pier are a 5 minute car ride from the Southfleet.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the helpful and friendly desk clerk on duty at any time.

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Wellfleet Beaches

Marconi beach is located directly across from the Southfleet.  Lecount, Newcomb, and White Crest are a short bike ride away, accessible via the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  Besides swimming, and sun bathing, there are plenty of things to do at the beach!  Surfing, volleyball, long walks, shell collecting – there’s always something new to discover on the beautiful beaches of Wellfleet Cape Cod.

Wellfleet Ponds

If you’re sick of the beach (never!) and want some fresh water fun, Wellfleet offers several ponds sure to satisfy your needs.