Wellfleet Staycation

A VACATION without Travel…. is possible at the Southfleet Motor Inn.

Thinking of taking the family on a vacation but the stress of leaving home for too long is too much too handle? Maybe you have pets and you need to stay nearby…maybe you or your spouse needs to do some work while on vacation…whatever the reason, we can give you 10 reasons why you should make your next family vacation a staycation at the Southfleet Motor Inn.


1. Special Offers.  We offer a special rate for Wellfleet & Eastham residents!
2. Off Season Deals: Save $$$ by taking your staycation in the off season.
3. Motel Experience. Your kids will enjoy having their friends/family nearby while enjoying the full experience of a motel.
4. Park and Enjoy. Within a 3 mile radius you will find: 8 restaurants, 3 Oceanside beaches, 3 gift shops, convenience store, liquor store, movie theater and drive-in, complimentary bicycles, bike trail, hiking trails and not to mention our very own indoor heated pool, outdoor pool, Arctic Spa hot tub and playground.
5. Save Money. Your wallet will thank you for staying local and saving $$ on gas, tolls, airfare and more.
6. Act like a Tourist. You know the area, so you can enjoy all of the restaurants and attractions with ease.
7. Pack Less. Only bring what you need, you are only going to be down the road from home.
8. Learn Something. Go to local places you have not been before.
9. Treat Yourself. You will be saving a boatload of cash by staying local, so go ahead, treat yourself to a mani/pedi, massage or nice dinner at a local restaurant… you deserve it!
10. Relax and enjoy your Stay. Sip some iced tea poolside, smell the salt at the beach, take a nap, enjoy a bonfire and put your feet up and enjoy a magazine.

So what are you waiting for?? Call us today and ask for our Staycation prices! 1.800.334.3715